How a Pawn Loan Works at National Jewelry & Loan

Getting cash for your gold, jewelry, watches and other valuables is fast and easy at National Jewelry & Loan. A pawn loan allows you to loan yourself money against the value of your personal possessions. We're here to help facilitate this process. We will loan on all items of value that you may have. National Jewelry & Loan offers the best terms and lowest pawn rates in the state, making us Connecticut's premier collateral lender. Originally established in New Haven in 1991, we have been helping thousands of customers obtain pawn loans and fast cash when they need it most.

Simply bring your items into one of our 2 convenient locations in Milford or Orange and one of our knowledgeable experts will evaluate your jewelry and other valuables and tell you how much each item is worth. With a pawn loan from National Jewelry & Loan, you will get the highest price the market allows for your valuables.

Once you pledge an asset (like a piece of jewelry or other valuable piece of property) as collateral for your pawn loan, we hold it in our safe possession until the loan, plus fees, is paid back in full. At that point, National Jewelry & Loan securely returns the item back to you. In the event that you decide not to repay your loan, National Jewelry & Loan simply satisfies your debt by marketing your valuable for sale. Pawn loan items are never offered for sale unless you choose not to repay your loan.

The entire pawn loan process usually takes no more than 15 minutes to complete. A pawn loan from National Jewelry & Loan is not harmful to your credit and you have no obligation to repay the loan. It's the secure, discreet and quick way to get cash immediately when you need it most.